Vocal recording


Give a shout to your expense report!

Voice function is the last extraordinary feature developed by Sarce. Today with Sarce Travel you have a Vocal Assistant System that allows travelers to record expenses (and much more) with their voice without having to type on smartphone. U-Go vocal assistant designed by Sarce interacts with the traveler asking him to complete the information requested by the company. The function is available in Sarce Travel Standard (Easy and Expert) versions and Enterprise for users with Android smartphones (from May 15th for iOS devices). No plug-in installation is required to use the voice function.

What are you going to record with your voice?

Costs with amount, date, colleagues and guests, period and destination, photo of the supporting docs.

Record a memo in case of expressions not interpreted, expenses without supporting documents, expenses out of policy and so on…

– Km, activities (coming soon)
– authorization (coming soon)
– request for travel services (coming soon)

Your language is not a problem

A significant advantage of our Vocal Assistant concerns languages.
The expenses can be recorded in the language set on your device (see example below) and be transcribed in correct administrative records in the default language chosen by the Company (English, Italian, Spanish etc.).

Vocal Recording advantages

Experiencing Sarce Travel Vocal Assistant, you will realize how much this new feature simplifies the daily activity of travelers. Let’s take some examples:


Vocal recording requires minimal learning to become familiar with: traveler is not forced to memorize layout, functions and navigation logic


TYou can find voice recognition function on all Smartphones. In case of a device change, regardless of the model or operating system or the size of the screen, the traveler will maintain the same operation mood


With the voice you can record a number of information much higher than typing with the keyboard in a significantly shorter time