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Payments for colleagues? We have the solution.

When implementing our expenses management software by our clients, it happened many times to face the problem of a payment on behalf of colleagues and/or guests from only one subject. At that time, our solution didn’t offer a tool to break this deadlock, our desire to find a solution has led us to carry out a detailed analysis and to produce a solution.

Problems and answers

How to transfer shares of expenditure on behalf of colleagues directly to their expenses reports?

We think that the most safe way is that of warning the user who records his/her expenses (modifying, completing, or simply submitting them to his/her manager) that one or different colleagues have recorded expenses incurred by him/her. The user himself could take note of them using a list highlighting payers, date and nature of every expense, and accepting or not all or a part of the charges. In this way, every expense could be treated according to the cost center of every recipient. At the same time, managing and fiscal ceilings could be checked and they are applicable according to the company travel policies and according to the legislations in relation to indirect taxes. This attitude is comparable to that of the charges receipt coming from credit card issuers, from agencies etc. that is very important for Sarce Travel, therefore it is easily understandable for the old user and for the new one.

How to trace these payments into colleagues expenses reports and into that of the payer?

When the person who has received the charge notification takes care to import his/her own expenses report, Sarce Travel ensures to complete the document in two different ways: all the deatils are provided to the recipient, as well as the statement “Expenses report paid by colleague”, all the data of the payer and the number of the document in which the payment can be found. In the Expenses report of the payer, there is the claim of the document to which the paid amount has been transferred and on behalf of which people. All the data will be available in every expenses report printing, in order to easily access to cross-checks from people who have the authority to do them.

Which amount must be reimbursed to people who benefit from cumulative payment (even if participants tax ceilings are different?)

The payer will be credited of an amount corresponding to his/her own share of expenditure to the extentent provided by the Travel policy applicable to that travel, in addition to total reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of his/her colleagues.

Our expertise has enabled us to create unique and tailored solutions for specific needs, that have been turned into a higher standard. Sarce Travel is the result of processings like this one and it constantly develops in order to provide the right information for every kind of company, organization or business activity.