OVS Group, since its establishment in 1926, has been representing the shipping traffic and venetian trades and still nowadays it follows the same principles and mantains a strong trading spirit. In 2005, thanks to CEO Stefano Beraldo’s great driving force, OVS Group has renewed and developed by updating banners formats and by fulfilling a significant investments plan and trading growth which is still ongoing in Italy and abroad. OVS Group is nowadays the biggest Italian clothing retailer, owning 7,06% market share, 10.266 employees, 1.280 shops in Italy and abroad, working for the following 5 brands: OVS, Coin, Upim, Iana, and Excelsior Milano. OVS Group directly audits all the supply chain thanks to an internal style office that follows business development and collections creation, while purchase offices located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New Dehli, Dhaka and Istanbul follows suppliers scouting and quality control.



More than 2.000 OVS Group employees travel every year in Italy and abroad. For 15 years OVS Group has had an internal Travel office always founding the best travel solution in collaboration with reliable travel agency that books and purchases the required services. In the past, travels were direcly bought from travel office using a corporate credit card and a part of them were paid to the agency via bank transfer in the event of monthly invoices. This solution, which may seem quick and easy, on one side forced accounting office to manually record every transaction with a consequent great use of resources and many expenses mistakes due to every single cost center; from the other side it didn’t allow neither the chance to account on time nor the cost analysis per single expense report, kind of expense, period, staff category, responsibility centers etc. Usually, all processes associated with Business Travel were manually managed: from authorisation request to travel, advances management, expenses report until settlement and accounting costs.

Airplus/Sarce integrated solution


In 2003 OVS Group has decided to mainly focus on business travel management using AirPlus lodged credit card as major payment mode. This step has allowed the Group to access to all the synthesised information about the kinds of services bought thanks to AirPlus Information Manager (as for example average costs per route, the most common itineraries, the most required airlines etc.) which are very important in order to establish a more efficient Travel Policy and to streamline arrangements with airlines and agreements with hotels. AirPlus payment mode has simplified administrative procedures: AirPlus monthly carries out online available bank statements in pdf and xls format, including the details of every transaction. In 2012 OVS Group has undertaken an other important step forward in streamlining administrative and accounting processes management associated to business travel, computerising all of the travel management processes and the expenses report thanks to Sarce Travel adoption.



“Sarce Travel adoption, integrated with AirPlus solutions for travel services payment, has represented a great step forward towards a more and more efficient business travel Group management. This means substantial time savings on the administrative side and a more easy business travel management for all my colleagues travelling for business in OVS Group”.

Matteo Valle, Organization, Compensation & General Services Manager, OVS Group


Why Sarce Travel

Thanks to daily flows integration sent by AirPlus, Sarce Travel enabled the Group to tap all the processes and significantly reduce administrative costs. All transactions, indeed, are automatically matched with employees accounted expenses report, according to rules established in Sarce Travel without any manual intervention apart from substantive testing and the authorisation to settle expenses report. Saving in terms of administrative activities was evident, in fact OVS Group could remove the external service carrying about manual charging of more than 30.000 expenses report and 14.000 transactions of prepaid ticket office. Sarce Travel is user-friendly, adaptable and its workflow easily suits your needs, this is why Sarce Travel has been adopted by all the 5 Group companies and by all the 700 workplaces in Italy. Moreover, introduction of an integrated solution has allowed to have faster and more efficient relations with the Group trusted travel agency. Staff directories sharing enables, indeed, to reduce mistakes due to different companies, cost centers and the need to make some adjustments. Thanks to Sarce Travel the internal travel office has immediate evidence of travel requests to be taken in charge with regard to those already fulfilled. Most of all, it has at its disposal a device allowing you to quickly and easily check documents monthly sent to the agency, so that if necessary, you can adjust bank statements or invoices before they are accounted. Finally, general acceptance by hotels and low cost airlines of airplus A.I.D.A card as method of payment, allows to easily and quickly complete transactions, together with the agency. Benefit from unified accounting offered by AirPlus devices is always evident.