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Expenses report: 3 things you can do instead of filling it in

Expenses report is a very important document.

If you want to check and reimburse the expenses that actually incurred by an employee during a business travel, you don’t have another tool at your disposal and expenses management can raise many problems. The biggest problem is the risk of error during its filling: just think about an employee going many times on business travel in one month, once he comes back to his office (every time and for many hours) he must fill in a paper expense report, taking time out of his business activity, therefore he risks to do many mistakes in carrying out this boring task.

An error in an expenses report is not something trivial: it creates inequalities in different offices data (HR, Administration, Travel office) and it prevents to the company the right accountability.

Fortunately, there are many software solutions such as Sarce Travel that make expenses report management completely automatic in every part of its process, from filling in to reimbursement. This implies that the employee has more time to do other things, but which things?

Carrying out more important tasks

Expenses report is nevetheless important but filling in CRM with the activities carried out during your travel or interacting with your managers about what you perfermed out of your company are more “cared” tasks in many companies. If you can quickly fill in the expenses report via web, thanks to a single APP and precisely (even during your return journey) thanks to an expense management software you should remember only the most important things without wasting time in filling in pointless paperwork.

Enjoying your travel

Bleisure (that means combining business with pleasue) is one of the biggest trends that are mainly affecting business travel. Just think to have a lunch with a client or a supplier, eating, coming back, remember where you put the receipt, manually filling in the expenses report per field and, after having done all of this, you can think about the achieved results. Thanks to Sarce Travel you can directly move to the last phase: receipt can be imported through a snap of your smartphone directly into the expenses report and allowing the time to quietly eat and enjoying places and new people.


Leaving early in the morning, arriving at the railway station, catching the train, reaching the location of the meeting, having lunch, coming back to your workplace, reporting all the activities you carried out and, if you still have time, filling in the expenses report. This is briefly the process that a traveller or a commercial agent achieves during a day outside the headquarters. Just think that at the end of the day, after having worked for almost eight hours, an employee should remember all the incurred expenses, in order to complete an expenses report risking to make mistakes of data and details; but if thanks to his business travel management software, he had everything ready and with only a few clicks he could fill in the expenses report? He could finally enjoy the time left and relax.