Giesse was founded in 1965 near Bologna and starting as a little craft firm, during the years, it has become an international leader Group in the field of aluminium building hardware.
An intuition becoming realisation of an idea revolutionising aluminium field: Giesse open up new perspectives, changing the way of thinking and producing hardware.
Group booming has achieved great results during ‘90s, marked by acquisitions, strategies and by a broadening in the field. In the year 2000 GSG INTERNATIONAL S.p.A. was founded, bringing together all Group brands production. Nowadays, it has more than 8.000 catalogues products and more than 100 filed patents.

Giesse means Quality, Innovation and Design all over the world.



Customer was looking for a smart and reliable web application enabling to manage travels and expenses report and at the same time being in constant development. In this way, web app could offer new functionalities conceived to streamline, optimise and uniform Business Travel processes. Moreover, Customer wished an app achieving to match with all the most used browsers and providing a mobile dedicated frontend.

One of the main drivers encouraging Giesse to choose a TNSJ solution was the availability of a Mobile app dedicated to smartphones and tablets. As a consequence, employees could easily and quickly account expenses report while travelling and also Line manager overview and authorisation were made easier.

An other Customer requirement was the integration with SW attendances detection in order to automatically report travelling resource absence, once it is approved by the Manager.

TNSJ, then, needed to be accessible by intranet Group (MS Share Point) SSO integrated.

“Sarce Travel could perform all the different and special requirements arised during the inital analysis, successfully meeting higher company standards about safety and Travel Policy management. Everything is conceived without having great consequences on our income statement and granting a customisation according to taxation of every country involved in this project. Sarce TNSJ solution enabled us to dedicate more efforts and resources to our core activities, bringing several benefits in termes of travel management streamline and prompt expenses report costs audit”.

Luca Cacciari, Information Technology Dep Manager, GIESSE Group


Why choosing Sarce Travel



Sarce Travel multilingual and multicompany features let Giesse develope a rollout process on its foreign societies, started with those in Barcelona and that will continue during next months on all the companies Group.
Giesse really appreciated TNSJ following features: travel policies and authorisation flows standardisation, enabling to adapt them to every single workplace needs and allowing to manage different taxation according to each country. Last but not least, a specific and prompt travel costs audit by HQ Group.
Moreover, Giesse could monitor travel costs and carry out specific analysis in order to streamline business travels, thanks to the chance to create customised reports per workplace but also per group.