E-Invoice management

E-Invoice management

E-Invoice made easy with Sarce Travel

With Sarce Travel you can automatically import electronic invoices coming from the SDI (Interchange System) related to travel expenses. Why? First of all because it’s a need. Paper or pdf invoice often arrived at the company through the traveler, who, in case of purchase, recieve a courtesy receipt. The invoice comes directly to the company that has to associate it to a traveler/data. A correctly associated invoice, in addition to representing a deductible cost for the company, allows to fully deduct VAT from the hotel services and catering (L.133/2008) with significant cost savings. Since January 1, 2019 Sarce has been studing italian set of rules creating a solution already available in Sarce Travel. Available features:

Automatic import from SDI or any other intermediary

E-Invoice association to the traveler

Anomalies detection and management

Summary document printing (including invoices <300.00 € for VAT deduction)