Sarce Travel Standard is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) placed on a Cloud platform. This type of solution offers several advantages that we highlight below:


ZERO impact on your IT infrastructure

It is not necessary to invest in a new IT infrastructure, since the software is used by connecting from any PC or mobile device without installing any license: you simply need to login with a password. We have chosen Microsoft Azure platform, one of the best market players that guarantees maximum security and excellent performance.

Stay up-to-date

Sarce Travel Standard provides about 3 or 4 new releases per year with various updates: new features, adjustments to tax regulations, small features that improve usability. Upgrades – released free of charge to all customers – guarantee a timely solution in line with the new technology and the provisions of the law.


Fully deductible costs

Purchasing of a service (in the case of Software as a Service) can be an advantage as it is fully deductible. Purchasing an on premise software (use license) would instead be placed as an amortizable investment in a few years.