Brembo is the world leader company in designing, development and production of brake systems and components for cars, motorcycles, industrial vehicles and for OE market, replacements and racing. The Group has about 8.000 collaborators, 10% of which is represented by engineers and product specialists working in research and development department. In 2014 the Group has earned more than 1.800 euros. The main necessity of Brembo is that of implementing an expenses report management system by replacing a similar application previously used in the company. This, in order to take advantage of new technologies and new functionalities on the market and in order to reduce internal offices effort responsible for audit and administrative management.



Aims identified by Sarce team consisted most of all in activating a user-friendly web application for companies staff travels management in order to:

– improve authorisation processes

– deeply monitoring company Travel Policies

– import datafeed from credit cards in order to automate travellers expenses report fulfilment

– create a structured database enabling to carry out analysis, reports and to audit costs

“Sarce has enabled a real step up in terms of saving in expenses report management activities thanks to Sarce Travel flexibility, adaptability and easy working values, this is why it is a unique software of its kind”


Marco Testa, Cash and Treasury specialist, BREMBO


Results and benefits



Several results and benefits were achieved thanks to Sarce Travel: first of all, electronic payment management has allowed employees to account in expenses report all transactions of your own bank statement in an automatic way. Administrative management has been simplified; audits, indeed, demand only few minuts in a mounth because Sarce Travel provides summary reports, making data checking easier.
In this way, the number of travellers has increased thanks to Sarce Travel interface user-friendliness; travellers don’t need secretaries assistance anymore in order to fill in their expenses report and credit card expenses accounting has become faster thanks to electronic flows import.
Briefly, thanks to Sarce Travel it was possible, for a company having to account on average 700 expenses report in a simple and flexible way, to highly improve in terms of management processes efficiency and related saving about direct and indirect costs of business travel.