Payments for colleagues? We have the solution.

When implementing our expenses management software by our clients, it happened many times to face the problem of a payment on behalf of colleagues and/or guests from only one subject. At that time, our solution didn’t offer a tool to break this deadlock, our desire to find a solution has led us to carry out [...]

Expenses report: 3 things you can do instead of filling it in

Expenses report is a very important document. If you want to check and reimburse the expenses that actually incurred by an employee during a business travel, you don’t have another tool at your disposal and expenses management can raise many problems. The biggest problem is the risk of error during its filling: just think about [...]

3 misconceptions about expense management softwares

Digital automation switching is due to new technologies adoption and is always surrounded by several misconceptions. Travel & Expense Management solutions follow this trend, this article analyses the misconceptions in this field and why they are fully wrong. Expense Management Softwares are more expensive than worksheets and paper. One of the main scarecrows about travel [...]

5 reasons why you shouldn’t manage expenses using Excel

The use of expenses management softwares is increasing more and more and for a good reason. Worksheets, pivots and tables are excellent tools for simple data analysis but they are certainly not suitable for managing critical processes as the expenses management. There a lot of dangers hiding in using Excel and they can cause serious [...]

Employees and business travel: 5 articles to learn more about it (2nd episode)

Travel management, as well as any other company process, consists of a group of activities that we have classified as planning, editing, check and results analysis activities. 1)Travel planning Travel planning can require few minutes or many working days and there are many reasons for this difference. The most relevant are the following ones: -Travel [...]

Employees and business travel: 5 articles to know more about travel costs (Episode 1)

Business travel is an active subject in companies of every dimensions: nowadays geographic movement is a concrete reality in a highly competitive market where exchange produces added value and business opportunities (just think about productive relocation and globalisation phenomena). Literally business travel corresponds to “changement of performances compared to that mentioned in the letter of [...]

Why Sarce Travel

During 2015 Sarce Travel has carried on a renewal process of its company image, creating a cool brand identity, reliable and future-oriented. Our choice has involved the whole company’s areas and so we decided to carry our new identity into our software for business travel management. Created in 2004, thanks to Sarce expertise in IT field, […]