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3 misconceptions about expense management softwares

Digital automation switching is due to new technologies adoption and is always surrounded by several misconceptions. Travel & Expense Management solutions follow this trend, this article analyses the misconceptions in this field and why they are fully wrong.

Expense Management Softwares are more expensive than worksheets and paper.

One of the main scarecrows about travel management solutions is the price. But is their human resources saving real? Is classic management more cost-effective? Just think that every process phase based on worksheets is manual, therefore it implies spending a lot of time and engaging staff in non core activities. This should already be a wake up call, but if this is not enough just think that management using worksheets and paper has a much more high percentage of errors and errors cost, so they have an impact on business.

A business travel management software puts staff out of work

That’s true but nobody gets fired. An expense management software improves workload and make it quicker to streamline, increasing efficiency and staff performance. Sarce Travel is conceived in order to reduce time and human resources to be spent in expenses report management. Thanks to our solutions choice, the employee will have much more free time; errors and slowdown in business activity will be reduced, in this way also reimbursements will be faster, satisfying all the subjects involved in this process.

Only large-size companies can take advantages from expense management softwares

There are several benefits linked to the process automation of expenses report management and we must know them: costs linked to control process are lower, travel policy and tax ceilings compliance is granted, employees are more satisfied and there is more relevance with current legislation. Those advantages mentioned above are good for every company, whichever their dimension is.

A travel & expense management software is an asset, not an expense. Choose the most suitable solution to your company needs and you will be amazed